Shoreham Airshow Crash – The Media Circus

The media circus descended on Shoreham

For at least the first week after the Shoreham Airshow crash there were continuous live news feed on all the news channels.  Reporters from all the national broadcasters where in attendance ITV, BBC and Sky News.  They were mainly embedded onto Mill Hill overlooking the Adur valley in full sight of the crash scene.  With powerful telephoto lenses to see virtually every move of the DVI teams working to recovery the deceased.  Every step of the recovery process was filmed, Every piece of the vintage Hawker Hunter aircraft would have been found, numbered and taken away.  The Air Accidents Investigations Branch have a legal responsibility to investigate the crash.

Apparently a number of newspaper reporters knocked on doors of local people looking for likely new angles to create copy for the daily papers and online bulletin boards. In these photographs you can see both TV and radio journalist poised to ask members of the public about their thoughts and feelings on the airshow crash.