Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media

is the collective term for the variety of websites that allow for interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Social Media technologies take on many different forms. These can including magazines, Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, social networks, podcasts, photographs or pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking.

Probably the best known of these social media technologies, social networks would be FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and YouTube, but there are considerably more and too many to list here.

These sites allow people to share their thoughts, opinions, images and videos to the world.  Because of this, it is an extremely powerful medium for you to get your message to your customers and for them to give you response.

Social Media gives your business the opportunity to promote your brand values, products and services to the vast audience you are able to reach through using various forms of social media. There are many great reason why you bussiness should be using social media as part of your marketing plan.

Once people become interested in your business they will follow your activity and then share what they like with their community group.  With the immediate nature of these sites, it is the quickest way to get your message to the widest audience.  Plus it is being forwarded to people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Bloomfield Digital offers a Social Media Management service as part of a tailored plan for your business.

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