Video Production Training using an iPhone & iMovie


This morning we worked with St Barnabas House & Chestnut Tree House. We facilitated a training session that provided a better understanding and knowledge of shooting, editing and uploading video. All on the go via an iPhone. The Training including the use of the iPhone camera and to utilise all its features. The Video Production training also covered a set by step lesson on how to create and edit a video via the iPhone’s – iMovie App.


Ollie Bloomfield

About Ollie Bloomfield

Bloomfield Digital was born as I was deciding my next career step and the only way forward was to start from scratch and create something I love. Before Bloomfield Digital was born... I have worked my way up through several different chains of Pub/Restaurants, which is where my love of food and excellent customer service comes from. I previously managed several Country Pub Restaurants throughout Sussex for the last 5 years on and off. In the Last 2 years I created the Social Media strategy for the area, developing and launching the Facebook and Twitter accounts. I also worked with nine other managers around the local area of Sussex & Kent, with training and the rollout of the Social Media strategies of all their businesses.